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by Luke Broadway
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What is this blocky game? How does it work? What is the point of Minecraft? Well, the answer is all here just read this blog to find out your information. Minecraft is a game made by Markus "Notch" Persson. He started making this game in May 10 2009 and published it in May 17 2009 and became truly popular. Now lets talk about the actual game. This game has 4 difficulties, peaceful, easy, normal and hard. There are also 3 different game modes, survival, creative and hardcore.

MOBSThere are 26 mobs (monsters) in total, 8 passive mobs, 3 neutral mobs, 11 hostile mobs, 2 utility mobs and 1 boss mob

-Spider Jockey
A very rarely spawned mob that consists of 2 mobs which extra health points than a normal skeleton and spider. Once one of the 2 are killed the other one is still alive.
 Spider Jockey.png                    
-Baby Ocelot
This spawned creature is in baby form from an ocelot. Once grown it can be tamed with raw fish by standing still until it walks to you, chasing after it will not allow you to tame it.                              

Survival is a game mode where you strive to survive the mobs and survive in the world randomly spawned. In this mode you cain gain xp and loose hunger as you roam your world. But watch out your not the only one here, there are alsorts of mobs creeping around ready to blow up in your face or just annoy you. What should you do first? Well the first thing you want to do first is get resources, but the first one is wood. To collect wood you need to hold the left mouse key down not click click click. Now, you've got some wood now make som basic stuff like a crafting table then tools. If you cant figure out how to make these go t o Whats next? Next, is where you collect more resources by mining stone and iron and other stuff, after you've got tons of cobble (stone) build a fancy house or just dig a ditch in the ground, but just remember to get stuff you hold the mouse not click click click. Now what else do you have, well on your screen you can see a hunger bar and a health bar, both are very important in surviving this man v wild style game. There is also an armor bar which pops up when you are wearing armor. If you die you drop all your items and respawn. So just as the sun is falling and mobs pop up, beware of the enderman, the one you dont want to look at, this is why because of the dreaded things it does, it disappears then pops right in your face so beware of the nights, and i hope you survive. 

Creative is a game mode where you can do anything you want, whether it's what your heart desires to build or just BLOW STUFF UP. Creative is just for fun, all mobs are passive to you so you dont have to worry about dying, also you cant die anyways unless you go to the void :( . Creative is a fun and creative game mode that is controlled by the click of a person.

Hardcore is a game mode just like survival, but you only have 1 life so be very careful of how you play.

Minecraft- Heres a vid of what Minecraft looks like.
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