Monday, April 23, 2012
by Luke Broadway
What is TF2? How is it played? Well TF2 is a game made by a company called Valve. You can buy the game on Steam which is a video game hoster type thingy. TF was created first in 1996 and was eventually upgraded to TF2 in 1999 and finally TF2 came out in 2007.
TF2 is violent, because of the exploded pieces of body parts and much more gory stuff, so it's not recommended for people who don't play violent games. In this game there are several different modes, maps, classes and more other things in this action packed game. One of my favorite modes are payload, where you move a bomb loaded cart to the enemies base to win the game, although in every map there is a time limit, and in payload every checkpoint gives you 5 more mins. Now some classes are the Demoman, Sniper and Scout, they all have different weapons. Now the maps are for the playing fields, but they only work for different maps. My favorite payload map is Uprising. TF2 has different weapons and storages you can hold, like the premium hold max is 6 pages while the plain one can only hold 1 page of weapons. You can unlock weapons or buy them with real money at the store or to earn them, just play on random servers and earn achievements.
TF2- The gang. This has all classes with their primary weapons.
Sniper- A pic of my favorite class, the sniper holding the huntsman bow.

TF2 Vid- Heres a vid of what TF2 looks like.